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Dear valued customer,

First of all please keep in mind that the minimum purchasing amount should not be less then 1000 rupees or 10 dollars.

Second thing that most of our customers dont even read the instructions and start shoping and pay through paypal to complete their order. please keep in mind that some items we do not deliver internationally. like medicines, rings, jewellery. in some cases we send medicines to some countries but you need to ask us detail about it. If someone already paid for those restricted items then we will refund their money after the deduction of the paypal fee.

You should have your own Paypal account if you want to go through the checkout process. If you have one or you can create one then you can shop and go through the checkout process to pay for it. when you confirm your order in step 6 then you will be transferred to Paypal site, sign in to your Paypal account and send the total invoice amount to mnpapu@yahoo.com.you are done.

If you currently do not have a Paypal account then you dont have to go through the check out process.Because in the last step you will be transferred to the Paypal website to pay for your shopping. You can place your order manually and make your payments by cheque, chase quick pay, western union, or bank transfer in USA, Canada. If you are living somewhere else please email us to confirm your payment mode.


2 Easy steps to place your order manually.


1: Put all your desired items in the wishlist.

2: when you are done with your shopping. Do one of these.

A: down On the wishlist page click on" Email a friend" and send your wishlist to us. our email is customercare@rabwahonline.com


B: Down on the wishlist page you will see wishlist url for sharing. Just copy and past it to our email and send it to us.


C: copy all the wishlist and past it to the email box and send it to us.

Thant's It.........

when we receive your email. We shall contact you by email and confirm your order. Once your order is confirmed then we will send you your products purchasing invoice with the detail how to pay for your order and shipping and handling time period detail.When your payment is confirmed then we shall start working on your order and will send you email with updated status of your order from time to time.



M. Nasir


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