Coat Burqa Design

These are the Coat Burqa designs. Choose the design you like, then complete all the options and submit your order.

All coat style burqa  prices are different for different fabric and will be changed automatically when you select a fabric stuff. Coat style burqa don't come with Abree, but if you want to have a Abree, Tube or any other style like chadar or scarf then you can choose it from the extra menu. It may cost you more for any extra item you choose.
If you are not sure about the fabric type and style please visit Fabric Stuff Samples.
If you are not sure about the color of the fabric visit our color chart.

Coat Burqa Design 101

Arooj style,english cuff,dbl pocket,complete belt lupi wali,6 button in front,back chalk
$18.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 102

Babar sample, 7x7 button,lupi wala,back chalk,back center belt button wali,ban collar
$21.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 103

A2,A2,5x5 button style,belt,dbl pocket,back chalk,complete belt lupi wali,dbl cross pocket front
$21.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 104

uk style,english cuff,complete uk belt,uk pocket,back chalk
$18.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 105

Lucky style,turkish kuff,lucky style pocket,back chalk,complete belt with out bukle,4 front packets
$21.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 106

New uk style,4 pockets,coat collar,cuff new turky,complete belt without buckle
$21.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 107

new turkey style,cuff turky pati,4 pockets,complete belt with bukle ,back chalk
$21.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 108

dbl breast,5x5 button,4 front pockets,cuff loops wala, back chalk,complete bukle belt
$21.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 109

english,coat collar,3 button back belt,back chalk,plates
$16.00 (USD)

Coat Burqa Design 110

coat collar,turky cuff,turky 4 pockets,back 2 inch pati,back chalk
$21.00 (USD)

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